(47b) ISQAM Level 1 Ireland Cluster: Day 2 Training for Participants (Campbell College, Belfast, 7 March 2017)


This course is the second of two training days for ISQAM (The Independent Schools' Qualification in Academic Management) in the Level 1 Ireland Cluster. Please note: the first day is taking place in Autumn 2016, and delegates should register for that course separately.

Programme content:

Module 3 Establishing standards in student assessment, marking and feedback

The module enables participants to:

  • Understand what is meant by work scrutiny, the role and responsibility of the HoD, and how this links to whole-school approaches and processes, and ISI inspection criteria.
  • Develop the skills to conduct a work scrutiny exercise and give effective feedback, making it a positive process for the staff involved
  • Be able to identify anomalies and trends across the department, using data and lesson observations, e.g. under and over achievement.
  • Understand what activities should follow a work scrutiny exercise, including feedback, accountability/self-accountability and departmental development.
  • Extend knowledge and understanding of practical strategies and approaches to work scrutiny to use in their own school.


Module 4 Employment issues

The module enables participants to:

  • Acquire and develop an awareness of the key issues in employment law, including equal opportunities
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of HoD, and their school policies and procedures in relation to employment issues.

 This course is for:

Participants on the ISQAM Level 1 qualification; Ireland Cluster.