(48b) ISQAM Level 2 London Cluster: Mentor Training (The Grand Connaught Rooms, London, 7 November 2017)


This is the ISQAM Level 2 mentor training for the London cluster.  The delegate fee for this course is included in the participant cost.

Outcomes for the session

  • to have a clear understanding of the ISQAM Level 2 programme and your role in it as a mentor
  •  to have an opportunity to explore areas of the programme and thereby gain an understanding of the expectations of the mentor and mentee – including the place of the portfolio
  •  to know about the M level accreditation option.


  1. Update on the ISQAM programme, content, rationale and context.
  2.  Exploring your own vision for the difference that you want the programme to make to your middle leader.
  3.  Your role as coach and mentor in supporting your mentee.
  4.  An overview of some key elements covered in modules 5- 8
  5.  Action planning for working with your mentee.
  6.  Questions and next steps.