(32) Presentation Skills for Heads and Senior Leaders (The Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London)

Enable senior school leaders to develop the key skills required to make effective speeches and presentations.


Heads, aspiring Heads, and all those in schools who are required to make speeches and presentations.

Course overview: this one day session focuses on how to deliver effective, well-planned and structured presentations; the course will cover:

  • Delegates’ own communication style to enable us to communicate with greater understanding to the audience we are presenting to
  • creating a credible and confident first impression by looking at body language, tone and pace of voice and general personal projection
  • ensuring that we deliver clear messages that engage and ‘land’ with our audience
  • methods to help plan and structure each presentation to keep on track and focused
  • a couple of techniques to help overcome nerves and ‘stage-fright’
  • an Introduction to Reflective Diaries to encourage continuous improvement in our presentation skills

09:45 - 10:00

Arrival, registration and coffee

10:00 – 10:15

Welcome, introduction and objectives for the day:
Preparing, practising and giving a presentation

10:15 – 11:15

Session 1: Understanding your audience
Paper exercise to look at and raise awareness of accommodating different communication styles by understanding your own preferred style

11:15 – 11:30


11:30 – 12:00

Session 2: Creating a positive first impression
Body language, building rapport and positive personal projection (introduction to the ‘bridge’ model)

12:00 – 1:00

Session 3: Structuring the presentation

  • Defining the purpose
  • Gathering content and ideas (consider presentation aids)
  • Structure the content (tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you’ve told them!)
  • Develop how to present it (incorporating communication and learning styles)
  • Handling questions
  • Plan and practise (understanding the concentration curve)

1:00 – 1:45


1:45 – 2:30

Session 4: Giving the presentation – preparation session
Prepare in pairs- delivering individually

2:30 – 4:00

Session 5: Delivering presentations and group feedback (With working tea)

4:00 – 4:15

Session 6: Reflective diaries for personal on-going assessment    

4:15 – 4:30

Questions and close